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How To Start A Church, You do not need a 501 C (3) IRS number


Starting A Free Church, A non (501) C (3)


The information I will share here is little known by most and neglected by many.


Did you know that according to the I.R.S. Code A church is already Tax exempt?


Most Lawyers do not even know this. The state has made people think a Church must be a 501 c 3 church and this is simply not true, in fact to do so you put your church and ministry under the authority of the state and not Jesus Christ. If You are a 501 C 3 ministry the Sr. Pastor is called a CEO of a corporation and not a Pastor. The free church movement has been around as long as America has been a free nation.


The separation of Church and State is just that. The government has no say concerning anything about any church, no matter how biblical or not, freedom of religion is part of our Constitution. I have consulted numerous ministers, ministries and churches on this issue. Most feel to start a church they must do so many things to be legal. A church is legal according to our History and the I.R.S. Its self. Why people pay thousands, hire a lawyer to make them a legal state entity is nothing short of mind blowing.


Also A church does not and should not apply for a non profit org. You do not need to and the Law is on your side. The minister does not even need to be licensed by the state, the state has no jurisdiction in any way over a Church.Aside from performing marriage’s see your state for their laws.


The only thing you can do to start a church is as follows,


A purpose paper, in this short document you state what it is, a church and your purpose is to preach the word of God and teach others bible principles and the like. It can be as short as one page and only two signatures are needed. Say the Pastor, and His wife she calls herself the steward. That is it.


Next a mission statement, define your mission and again this can be one page.


A doctrine statement, you simply write your churches doctrinal beliefs.


A constitution and bylaws, this also can be as little as one page, as your ministry grows so will your bylaws. And example is how it is governed.


Pastor so and so will make all decisions regarding church matters and discipline what is required for membership, if any requirements ,and that’s that. I kid you not.


Next a DBA doing business as, the local paper runs this for around 25.00 to 50.00 make sure in the DBA you add the words this is a Church.


Make sure you use the right words, use the word Church or congregation on all your papers, so they do not see you as a club or business. Never take minutes on a regular systematic way as they will see this as a group or a business type of operation. Your finances and all records cannot be given to the government they cannot even ask, you need not show any records to anyone. Later as you grow you will have elders, or deacons, a treasure, or an administrator and all should be up front and in the open. The Pastor should never handle the church finances, never. Unless its just you and your wife.


You also do not need an EIN number from the IRS to open a church bank account, many banks do not know this, print out the I.R.S. Code and show it to them, if they give you a hassle try another bank, but you can indeed open a church bank account without any IRS number. You should have a separate ministry account from your personal account, or don’t have an account at all, use a safe, that’s your call, but a Church account is best and can be done with ease.


Just keep church finances separate from personal finances.


It really is that easy, the way it should be done, and I encourage all to use this simple free church organization method. The only draw back, you cannot get federal grants and monies, so what, you as a church should not be supported by the government or non believers anyway, also you can give a receipt at tax time to givers and they can legally claim it as a deduction. I have some excellent links you should copy and paste into your browser for much, much more information on this matter, these sites offer a tun of info, so check them out and see what I am saying is fact and not fiction 100% legal, and what a church should do and not due.


Now that you know and have read the other sites the call is up to you, but why wait to start a Church when you can do it now and with no hassle.? This is the way our Churches have always done it and we have never had a problem, not one. Until our constitution is gone, and I believe we are not that far away from this, use the lawful rights you have and freedoms while you still have them.






This last link by far is the best with a lot of information a truly great site.


Peace in Christ, now get going and start that Ministry you are needed. 

Posted by Evangelist Danny Louis Abaldo 

Government Churches In America aka 501c3

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