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Last hour of Mankind

Posted on April 7, 2010 at 2:56 PM

I had this vision on Good Friday during our Friday night worship service. 


I saw a room that was bright white. On the wall stood a gigantic clock. The clock was round and took up most of the wall. I looked at the time. It was five minutes until 12. I saw an angel standing beside the clock. The angel handed me a scroll.  I unrolled the scroll and read  the words Herald of the Truth. I instantly knew that the reason I have this site before me is because it is a God thing. Jesus has birthed a desire for me to do this site. It really is easy and enjoyable for me.


Behind me, off to the side,  stood Jesus. He walked up to me and gave me a key. He gave me the key, and I placed it in my mouth and ate it. I don't know why I ate. It was almost like Jesus spoke directly to my spirit and I reacted. The vision ended. I heard Jesus say we are in the last hour before his coming.  


Instantly, another scene appeared before my eyes. I saw a small boat in the water. It was dark and waves were rocking the boat. I pondered the scene. I decided to wait on the Lord. I was sure the explanation of the boat would come soon.


The third scene I saw was hell. It was though I was walking in the fire. I heard screams, but didn't see anyone burning. I heard the voice of the Lord say hell is enlarging itself daily. Every second, every minute, someone is dying and going into hell. I saw the mouth of Hell opening and shadows of people falling into hell itself.


The Lord showed me the small boat on the water again. It was dark and waves crashed upon its sides. The Lord reminded me of Jonah. He said, "My people want my power and glory to fall on them, but they are not willing to go out and warn people about hell. They are just like Jonah. Jonah went on a boat instead of going to Nineveh. He was given instructions by God to go and warn the people of Nineveh about God's judgements. Jonah did not like Nineveh and its' people. He resisted the call and went on a boat instead. A storm came. Jonah's fellow mates found out that Jonah had angered God and they threw Jonah overboard. A big fish came up, grabbed Jonah, and swallowed him. After 3 days Jonah repented and God let him out of the fish's belly. Jonah went to Nineveh and told them about God, repentance, and judgement. Much to Jonah's surprise, they repented and God forgave them.


Jesus let me know that many in the church are not willing to go where he says go and tell people about Him. I heard him say, "What would have happened if I had said no to my calling? My people makes excuses as to why they can't go here or there and tell people about me. Meanwhile, hell is enlarging itself. Every minute, second, people are falling into hell. Hell is real!"


I thought about the boat again. I felt that the boat could also represent faith. I remembered the story about Peter. Peter saw Jesus walking on the water, and asked Jesus to call him out of the boat. Jesus called Peter to himself. He got out of the boat and started walking on the water  towards Jesus. It took faith for him to believe Jesus and walk on the water. To tell someone about Jesus takes faith.  To go where Jesus is calling you takes faith. 


My prayer is that more of God's children will not be like Jonah and resist the call of God on their lives.  When Jesus says go here or go there, they will go. When he says tell this person or that person about my love and grace, they will open their mouths and speak and proclaim.  When God says "Whom shall I send?". I pray more people will stand up like Isaiah did and shout "Send me Lord! I will go!"



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